Outdoor Bread Oven | How to Build an Outdoor Bread Oven on a Budget

I can officially declare that the folks at BrickWood Ovens were right when they boldly declared, "Anyone can buy an Outdoor Bread Oven... and anyone can build an Outdoor Bread Oven!" for if I can, then everyone can! I am fairly bright professional guy with literally zero hands-on experience in masonry or any sort of manual skills. I was very hesitant to undertake such a project and faced complete skepticism from my wife who expected me to produce "a complete and total eyesore". From the very first day I discovered that the online instructions were clear, concise and easy to follow. The whole process from pouring a cement pad to hosting a pizza party took exactly six weeks with most of the work done by myself and a few friends on the weekends. I've been using my outdoor bread oven at least once a week since building it to host pizza parties, to cook a Thanksgiving turkey, smoke meat, and to bake bread. Loads and loads of bread!

Built By: The Boguslavsky Family
Year Built: 2015
Location: New Jersey
Oven Kit: Mattone Barile Grande · Package 1
Number of Photos: 58
Homeowner Review: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

"From Zero to Hero in 6 weeks! The oven is now the focal point of our backyard and quite a few people have asked me who built our outdoor bread oven. My wife now proudly brings all the houseguests outside to see the masterpiece her husband built "with his own hands"!  I can't say enough nice things about the level of help I received from the crew at Brickwood Ovens. Between useful tips and outright guidance, they were phenomenal! Without fail, I bake at least 8-9 loaves of artisanal bread every week!"

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