Wood Fired Oven Design

We are very happy with the results from the oven build. Also very happy with the side prep stations. We live in the Texas Hill Country and have lots of quarries in the area

Wood Fired Oven Design

so I went and found the limestone sheet. It has cool fossils in it that probably don’t show up in the pictures. I had it delivered as a single cut piece (about 700 – 800 pounds) laid flat on a wooden pallet that the rock yard didn’t want back. It was a bear to cut (I did it with a skill saw and masonry blades). Once cut, three friends and I were able to move the individual pieces onto the limestone bases on each side. Figuring out that piece was harder than building the actual oven, hearth, and pedestal.

Built By: The Voyt Family
Year Built: 2018
Location: Texas
Oven Kit: Cortile Barile · Package 3
Number of Photos: 4
Homeowner Review: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Fun project and very happy with the outcome. We use the oven almost every weekend. Good fun!

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