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    Outdoor Fireplace Plans • Outdoor Fireplace Kits • Outdoor Fireplace Plans PDF

    Let us show you How to Build an Outdoor Fireplace / Backyard Fireplace with our Detailed Fireplace Plans (with Materials Lists)

    You have the perfect spot in your backyard for an outdoor fireplace, but the cost of custom-built outdoor fireplaces are a little on the high-side... Not to worry!  Now you can build a backyard fireplace for a fraction of the cost when you purchase and download the outdoor fireplace plans and outdoor fireplace kits from Backyard Flare.  Let Backyard Flare show you how to build an outdoor fireplace on a budget with locally sourced DIY Outdoor Fireplace materials while building your family's outdoor fireplace with their carefully crafted outdoor fireplace plans.

    Suppose you want to take your outdoor fireplace plans to the next level and build an outdoor fireplace with pizza oven?  Backyard Flare can help you with that too!  Not only are their plans for DIY outdoor fireplace kits customizable, but Backyard Flare can work with you and your backyard fireplace ideas to build the ULTIMATE pizza oven fireplace!  There is no limit to their DIY outdoor fireplace plans and outside fireplace kits.  If you can sketch your dream outdoor fireplace... even on a napkin... the backyard fireplace design experts at Backyard Flare can turn your dream into a wood burning reality!

    Backyard Flare LLC is not affiliated with BrickWood Ovens...  We just really like their outdoor fireplace plans.

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