Cortile Barile - Package 2

Cortile Barile - Package 2
Cortile Barile - Package 2
Cortile Barile - Package 2
Cortile Barile - Package 2
Cortile Barile - Package 2
Cortile Barile - Package 2
Cortile Barile - Package 2
Cortile Barile - Package 2
Cortile Barile - Package 2
Cortile Barile - Package 2
Cortile Barile - Package 2
Cortile Barile - Package 2
Cortile Barile - Package 2
Cortile Barile - Package 2
Cortile Barile - Package 2

Cortile Barile - Package 2

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Hearth Oven - Build a Budget-Friendly Wood Fire Oven • Cortile Barile

If Play-Doh made a wood-burning pizza oven, this is what it would look like!

Instead of pressing colorful clay into plastic molds to create crazy shapes, you simply press high-temperature castable refractory (refractory cement) into the foam Cortile Barile molds to create 5 interlocking wood-burning pizza oven pieces (front, back, top, and 2 sides). Once the refractory cement is dry, simply remove the foam molds and assemble your outdoor wood-burning pizza oven on top of your oven base – attach your oven accessories and enjoy amazing backyard pizza and other delights for years to come! And yes, just like Play-Doh - it really is that easy!

The Cortile Barile / Package 2 comes with all the high-end goodies you except from BrickWood Ovens – minus the locally purchased refractory materials (fire brick and refractory cement). In this package, you will receive Box 1 and Box 2 of the Cortile Barile foam wood-burning pizza oven molds (there are 9 / 1lb bags of Stainless Steel Fibers inside Box 2)… A top-of-the-line DuraTech double-wall stainless steel exhaust kit by DuraVent (includes 12” double-wall stainless steel chimney pipe)… 50sf of 6lb ceramic fiber blanket to provide 2-layers of extreme-duty insulation for your outdoor wood-burning pizza oven by Harbison Walker, FiberFrax or Kaowool... The most popular pizza oven tools by American Metalcraft (the leading brand of pizza oven accessories) and of course, our heavy-duty pizza oven door with beautiful red oak handles.

Benefits of the Cortile Barile - Package 2
  • Great for all occasions large and small!  (1 - 40 people)
  • Excellent for pizzas, breads and low-profile foods
  • Super-easy to build with step-by-step directions
  • Cooks faster and hotter than firebrick models
  • It only takes 2 hours to mix, pour and pack!  Really!
  • Save thousands over comparable models
  • Build the base and oven in just 2 weekends (or less)
  • DIY-EZ!
This Cortile Barile Package Includes:
  • Cortile Barile Wood Fired Pizza Oven Forms (2 boxes) & 9lbs of Stainless Steel Fibers
  • DuraTech Exhaust Kit (Anchor Plate, Chimney Cap, 12" Pipe, Spark Arrestor & Hi-Temp Adhesive)
  • 3 Pack by American Metalcraft - Brush Head & Handle / Aluminum Pizza Peel / Pizza Peel Holder
  • Cortile Barile Series 10G Door w/ Red Oak Handles
  • 50sf of 6# Ceramic Fiber Blanket
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  • Canada Shipping / Free Border Delivery!


Cortile Barile Installation Instructions & Materials Lists:

Cortile Barile Pizza Oven & Base Instructions


Find a Refractory Materials Dealer near you!

No need to spend hours trying to hunt down the refractory materials needed to build your oven... we've already done that work for you! Simply visit our Refractory Materials Dealer page to find a refractory dealer near you that stocks all the refractory materials that you need to build your awesome new oven! Just type in your ZIP CODE and select Refractory Materials Dealer.

Or just do what we do... Order all of your food-grade refractory materials from HarbisonWalker International. With 30+ Harbison Walker locations in America alone, there's a good chance you live in (or near) a city with a HarbisonWalker distribution center. If pick-up is not an option, most HarbisonWalker locations can deliver your order on a pallet to your home or job site. Here are some money-saving Freight / Pallet Delivery Options if you choose pallet delivery.


More Information about the Cortile Barile pizza oven form and BrickWood Ovens: 
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