DIY Outdoor Oven

The oven dome reaches over 1000° degrees in 2 hours, while the sides are 850°-900° and the floor is 700°-750°! First, I bake pizza’s (8 or 10 at a time) then roast meats over hot coals (I made a grate with legs that fits perfectly). Then I bake flat breads that need high heat at 500°-550°, and as it cools a bit, we bake sweet breads and bagels at 350°-375°. I finish off with a Dutch oven with meats and vegetables. 24 hours later, our DIY outdoor oven still registers 250°-275°! Great Product!!

Built By: The Vanni Family
Year Built: 2020
Location: Iowa
Oven Kit: 36" Cupola · Package 2
Number of Photos: 56
Homeowner Review: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

"My mentors: Armon, Sivio and Pepi Milani taught my brother, John, and me the old world techniques of masonry and stone cutting. By using old bricklaying traditions and new brick oven materials, this wood oven is far superior to others. It heats faster and retains the heat longer than a traditional fire brick dome."

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