DIY Outdoor Pizza Ovens

✔ Pizza Oven completed
✔ Landscaping completed
 Pizza Bench completed

As a retired chef I’ve never done wood fired cooking before and I was most impressed with the way this oven absorbs and radiates heat to the cooking surface… a great design! I choose the barrel type design over the traditional dome type mostly because I think it afforded me more flexibility to do more than just pizza. I am most impressed with the plans from Brickwood Ovens and the support from their forum. As I mentioned I’m a chef and not a mason and the plans for the DIY outdoor pizza ovens were well done and thorough. I made the bench out pressure treated lumber, hog fence, and the top was reverse casted concrete with colored beach glass that was wet sanded to make the glass show through the concrete and to level it. I’ve fired it up 8 to 10 times so far and is working quite well. 

Built By: The Lacroix Family
Year Built: 2021
Location: Connecticut
Oven Kit: Mattone Barile Grande · Package 3
Number of Photos: 33
Homeowner Review: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

"There are many reasons I chose this design but with that said it does pizza very well! This has been a great layout for us when entertaining friends and family and suspect it will for years to come!"

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