Meat Smoker Package

BrickWood Box - Meat Smoker Package
Smoking Fish in a BrickWood Box
304 Grade Stainless Steel Smoker Doors with Red Oak Handles
Smoking 2 Delicious Beef Briskets with Hickory Smoke
BrickWood Box - Smoking 2 beautiful 20lb Turkeys
Meat Smoker Package
Stainless Steel NSF Meat Smoking Rack - (QTY 1)
304 Grade Stainless Steel Drip Pan
Stainless Steel Heat Dissipater & Stainless Juice / Water Tray
BrickWood Box - Smoking Meat with Hickory and Apple Wood
Hickory Smoked Brisket
Hickory Smoked Brisket
BrickWood Box- 2 Smoked Turkeys
Smoked Turkey
Smoked Turkey - Close-Up
Smoked Turkey
Smoking Salmon and Black Bass in a BrickWood Box using flavorful Alder cooking wood.
Smoking Salmon and Black Bass in a BrickWood Box using flavorful Alder cooking wood.
Smoking Salmon and Black Bass in a BrickWood Box using flavorful Alder cooking wood.
Meat Smoker Package
Meat Smoker Package
Meat Smoker Package

Meat Smoker Package

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Hoppers full of wood pellets? Nope. Bags of lump charcoal? Nada. Only super-abundant, low-cost firewood is required for the large 8cf BrickWood Box homemade smoker! Using sticks of Hickory, Mesquite, Oak or one of many other varieties of cooking wood, you can HOT or COLD smoke your favorite meats like Brisket, Ribs, Chicken, Pork, Turkey, Fish and so much more in this solid DIY smoker and DIY Grill.


The BrickWood Box MEAT SMOKER PACKAGE Includes: 

  • S/S Meat Smoker Doors with Spacer
  • Stainless Steel Drip Tray
  • NSF Meat Smoking Rack
  • (4) Red Oak Handles
  • Heat / Smoke Dissipator
  • Water / Juice Steam (Moisture) Tray
  • 98% Made in the USA
  • Limited 10 Year Warranty
  • FedEx Ground Delivery INCLUDED

Meat Smoker Doors with Spacer & Red Oak Handles -  Quite possibly the meat smoking industry's least-complex heat and smoke regulating system! Our 304 Grade Stainless Steel smoker doors simply slide open and closed with the flick of a wrist on the beautiful Red Oak handles that have (2) coats of long-lasting Minwax Helmsman Spar Urethane with UV protectant (the good stuff!).

Drip Tray - Built to last, our high-quality 304 Grade Stainless Steel Drip Tray made to last a lifetime.

NSF Meat Smoking Rack with Handles - Smoke up to 4 briskets or 4 large turkeys.  1 NSF Meat Smoking Rack.

Heat / Smoke Dissipator - A twofold design, the 304 Grade Stainless Steel Heat / Smoke dissipator keeps the smoke low as it enters the Upper Oven (meat smoking area) and is also a stand for the Water Tray.

Water / Juice Steam (Moisture) Tray -  As the heat and smoke exits the Lower Oven, it hits the Heat / Smoke Dissipator that the Stainless Steel Water Tray sits on.  This heats the water or juice (like apple juice) to a nice simmer which produces steam, and the steam keeps your meats super-moist during the smoking process.


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