Vermiculite - Perlite Insulation - 4 Cubic Feet

Perlite by Supreme (4.0 Cubic Foot Bag)
Vermiculite (4.0 Cubic Foot Bag)

Vermiculite - Perlite Insulation - 4 Cubic Feet

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Most of your local Masonry &/or Landscape Supply stores stock Vermiculite &/or Perlite Insulation for about $15 - $20 a 4 cubic foot bag, so please be sure to call your local MASONRY &/or LANDSCAPE SUPPLY and inquire about their Perlite &/or Vermiculite prices before ordering this product from us.

Home Depot / Lowes and other Big Box stores sometimes stock large 4cf bags of Perlite &/or Vermiculite.  It's usually in the Indoor Plants section or near the bags of fertilizer / potting soil.  If that's no-go... you can check with your local PLANT NURSERY, but make sure they have the big 2cf or 4cf bags (you do NOT want quart size bags).

If you can't find Vermiculite &/or Perlite locally, you can ALWAYS order from ULINE and have (2) of the 4cf bags of VERMICULITE / GRADE 2 delivered to your door within 2 days!  They have a minimum order of (2) of the 4cf bags, so you will have more than enough Vermiculite - but you can use that extra bag as concrete block core insulation... or just sell it on Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace. 


Perlite / Vermiculite Blend Ratio:

  • 5 Parts Perlite or Vermiculite
  • 1 Part Portland Cement


How to Make / Mix Perlite or Vermiculite with Portland Cement for Pizza Oven Insulation



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